Dear colleagues,

In the presentation of the 1st Spanish Conference on Input-Output Analysis held in Oviedo we could read: “One of the aims of this conference is its own continuity for following years; we want it to be the first but not the last. We would like it to become the starting point from new conferences and events related to ‘our’ field. Getting this last is in your hands”. This was written in 2005.

Ten years later, it is a pleasure to present the 6th Spanish Conference on Input-Output Analysis evidencing that this objective has been achieved. The Conference in Oviedo was followed by others organized every two years in Zaragoza (2007), Albacete (2009), Madrid (2011), and Seville (2013). This year is the time for Barcelona; a good moment to thank all the efforts made along this path by so many people.

Unlike the situation in 2005, in which the conference was presented as an initiative of a group of researchers from several universities, since 2007 we are grouped in the Hispanic-American Input-Output Analysis Society (SHAIO) that promotes the research and participates in the organization of these conferences. This is another example of the strengthening of our community of researchers.

The input-output analysis has a long history connected with concerns of classical economics; its central point is the analysis of the interrelationships between different economic sectors, the generation of incomes, and the total effects of changes in final demands. In recent years the input-output perspective has undergone major developments largely linked to the concerns about the effects of international trade and the necessary analysis of the interrelationships between economy and nature, both about flows of energy and materials, and emissions. The growing availability of international databases has also given a significant boost to the empirical applications of input-output analysis.

In this edition of the Conference we emphasize the active participation in the organization of the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat), which has also actively participated in previous conferences. The SHAIO and the Spanish Conferences on Input-Output Analysis have always had a desire to foster the fruitful dialogue and exchange of experiences between academic researchers and statistical institutes.

The official conference languages are English and Spanish; abstracts and papers can be submitted in any of these two languages. Given the success of the training sessions organized in the previous Conference in Seville, on September 7 will be the first edition of the Spanish School of Input-Output; these training sessions are open and free to all registered at the Conference. On September 8 and 9 there will be the plenary sessions of the Conference and the parallel sessions in which the accepted papers will be presented. There will also be sessions specifically organized to discuss issues related to the practical development of input-output tables. Finally, and as is tradition, the 4th Emilio Fontela Research Prize for young researchers will be awarded.

We invite you to participate in the 6th Spanish Conference on Input-Output Analysis. Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona !!!

Best regards,

The chairs of the local and scientific committees